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Bali Babi Guling Class
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Balinese Cooking Class


Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a soup made from chicken ,simmered in water ,usually with other ingredients.the classic chicken soup consists of a clear chicken broth often with pieces of chicken or vegetables and seasoning simply season the soup with salt and pepper

step by step recipe bellow
Place chicken,carrots,celery,potato and onion in a large soup pot.add enough cold water to cover.bring to boil over medium heat,reduce heat to low and simmer,uncovered,until meat falls off of the bone about 90 minutes.skim off foam every so often as needed

Balinese Sweet Green Bean Porridg


Bubur kacang hijau is south is Asian sweet porridge made from mung beans ( kacang hijau ) coconut milk and palm sugar or cane sugar.the beans are boiled till soft sugar and coconut milk are added.

Bali’s Satay Lilit ( minced meat satay )


Satay lilit bali ground meat is wrapped around. Lemongrass stalk are used  skewers instead of bamboo skewers the word lilit roughly means wrap around the meat is usually wrapped around the skewers grilled to perfection
And serve with peanut chilli sauce

Minced meat such as chicken,duck,beef etc,grated coconut,salt,palm sugar

Shallots,turmerics,chilli,galanga,garlic,kencur and candle nut

Things to prepare before
Mix ingredients for all the chilli sauce
If do you use bamboo skewers soak in the water at least 10 minutes.if you use lemongrass as skewers cut the stalks in to half and get rid of.

Vegetarian Menu

tempe and tofu satay and soup and deep fried

Balinese Salad (sayur urab)


Urab sayur as it’s called in bali is a salad made up of blenched vegetables spicy chilli fried shallots garlic and toasted grated coconut .

Bali’S Corn Fritters


To make these fritters you will need fresh corn,flour,egg,green onions or spring onions ,celery,orange leafs.shallots,garlic and simple seasoning with salt and pepper .

cut the corn off the cob,heat the oil,dropped fritters better by spoonfuls into the hot oil,remove the fritters from the heat,repeat the process until you finish the batter.serve and enjoy with your favourite dipping sauce.

Bali's Black Sticky Rice Pudding (Bubur Injin)


Black Sticky Rice Pudding is a traditional Balinese dessert that is favoured by upscale modern Asian restaurants for its striking jet black colour. It’s hard to believe you can make something so delicious that is fundamentally, made with just rice
Black sticky rice is a type of glutinous whole grain rice

What you need to make Black Sticky Rice Pudding
At its simplest, you only need sticky rice, sugar, salt ,pandanus leaves ( screw pine ),coconut milk and water to make a really delicious sticky rice pudding. Everything else just makes it even better, but is still entirely optional!


Nasi goreng,French fries,garlic bread options

BALINESE SAUSAGE ( urutan babi )

Traditional Balinese pork sausage made of diced  pork  meat in Balinese spices
BALINESE VEGETABLES ( lawar )Shredded raw young jack fruit,papaya,long beans tossed in spiced grated coconut and chopped with pork meats

PORK SOUP (kuah babi)

Diced steam young banana trunk,papaya,raw jack fruit in spiced pork broth and crisspy shallots


 Assorted seasonal tropical slices fruits such as manggo,papaya,watermelon,pineapple, banana and etc



All above menus appetizer,soups,main course and desserts you can choose to take a class
Cooking class price IDR 395000 per person per 3 menus included dessert
Special menu or others on request